Our Story

The Dream

Adapting from a game that we originally played with coins, rocks and other miscellaneous items, Barrier Battles took the shape of a truly simple, yet endlessly expansive game concept.


With the incredible feedback that we received from people who greatly enjoyed playing our game, we felt that it was our duty to build on our idea, and produce personal copies for friends and family. In the short months prior to producing our game on a large-scale, we began testing and fine-tuning countless rules and piece designs, ultimately resulting in a final product.


With preorders starting in August, 2019, we were faced with countless deadlines to insure our product stayed on track with the projected timeline. Manufacturing approvals, artwork finalizations, and website design are just a few barriers we faced in bringing our product to market.

We are excited for what comes of Barrier Battles, and as of New Years Day- 2020, we have started open-market selling and distributing.